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SocialLink Introduction

Omaha Bar Association’s Online Community Platform: SocialLink

New to the Omaha Bar Association in 2017 is SocialLink, a social media platform for OBA members and select legal community affiliated groups. The OBA added SocialLink to try to meet and connect our members where many of them already spend their time: online.

What is SocialLink? It’s a mobile-ready social media platform for OBA members. Think of a mashup between LinkedIn and Facebook. What’s unique about the system is that it is community driven. Members are primary source of content, discussions, and engagement. Have a question about practice in juvenile court? Ask it here. Want to announce your promotion to partner? Post it here. Looking to sublease some office space? Submit the information to SocialLink. Have a killer POA you want to share with the newly admitted attorneys? Share it here.

How do I get on SocialLink?  Logging in to SocialLink can be done via the OBA’s website,, using the login in the right hand corner. The site is mobile ready, so it’ll populate correctly on smartphones much better than the OBA site does when not logged in.

I’m already on LinkedIn, Facebook, and the email listservs. Why should I spend my time on another social media site? Most importantly, SocialLink is a closed social media platform, unlike LinkedIn and Facebook. Items posted are not discoverable by the general public; only to OBA members who log in. Want to post a generic question about a case (similar to an email listserv) to seek advice from other attorneys? Use SocialLink. (It’s better than posting publicly to Facebook, and getting that not-so-helpful comment from your Aunt Mildred about how she can’t believe how fast you grew up.) Another distinction is that unlike the listserv discussions that get deleted when cleaning up your email, the discussions on SocialLink will be archived and findable by a quick site search, easily findable months and years later.

What are some ways to use SocialLink?

·         Share/Read articles (legal and otherwise) written by OBA members

·         Announce a promotion, job change, office space for rent, or services for hire

·         Ask a practice question

·         Connect with potential mentors/mentees

·         Look through pictures from the latest OBA event

·         Share/find best practice documents and practice tips

·         Share ideas for new OBA events

·         Coordinate with other OBA volunteers on upcoming events

·         Read about the latest law practice management methods

·         Promote involvement among OBA members in the larger Omaha metro community through public service and community engagement opportunities.

·         General Networking

·         Et cetera…The uses of SocialLink are as infinite as the creativity of our OBA Members!

Walk me through the different connection circles and groups in SocialLink.

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, SocialLink has different levels of interlinking within the system. ALL members will be automatically included in groups that start with the title “SocialLink:” When you want to post a message to all OBA members, use those groups.

Separately from Groups, everyone also has their own personal set of “My Connections” that link you with only the people who you have sought out to connect with, or vice versa (and who you have accepted as a connection). So when you want to send a message just to your Connections, simply post the message at the top of Your Feed.

Your Feed will show (1) all posts you have made, (2) all posts made by your Connections to their Feed, and (3) all posts made under any of the Groups you are a member of. Certain Groups exist in SocialLink that are optional for members to join. We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many group options. However, for those who want to get more involved, simply click the “request to join” button on the description of the group.

What’s in it for me to use SocialLink?  In an effort to get the ball rolling on the platform, the OBA is going to incentivize our members to log in and use SocialLink in 2017. Simply put, the more you log in and use the system, the closer you get to the “Top Contributors” list. (That list can be found on the right side of the screen when logged in through a computer.) At the end of every two months, we’ll give prizes out to our top 10 OBA Member contributors.

Are there limits to what can be posted and/or discussed? SocialLink will not be heavily policed, but we do want to the platform to be safe, respectful, and constructive. To that end, users are asked to look through the Guidelines and the Terms of Use pages.

OK, I’m logged into SocialLink. How do I get started? On first login, there’s 3 things you can do to get jumpstarted on using SocialLink.

(1)  Connect with Fellow Members to create your own network of connections within SocialLink. To connect, search for members by name, and click “Connect”. The system will prompt them to accept your connection upon their next login.

(2)  Browse the Groups tab, to get familiar with the different discussion threads that exist, and like a post or two.

(3)  Make sure that your profile information is up to date. This will count towards your being a “Top Contributor” and winning one of the bi-monthly prizes!

How do I get back over to the OBA website from SocialLink? In the top left hand corner of the page, you’ll see the OBA logo on a white background. Simply click on the logo, and you’ll be redirected to the OBA website and all of the member-only content available to those who are logged in.


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